*Incorporating the 2017 Campus Read (Hidden Figures) into your Classroom

When and Where

May 10 2017 10:30-11:30AM | Rhododendron Room

Session Information

Learn about tips, activities, and resources to assist in the integration of the 2017 Campus Read, Margot Lee Shetterly’s book Hidden Figures, into your class. Hidden Figures tells the story of three women of color, two of which who had connections to Morgantown and WVU, who were at the epicenter of the 1960’s NASA space program and the emerging developments in civil and women’s rights. The presenter will engage you in exploring how the lessons from this snapshot in American History affects your students and can help motivate them to reach for greatness.


Susan Jennings Lantz, Carroll Wetzel Wilkinson, Marjorie Fuller

Susan Jennings Lantz

Dr. Susan Jennings Lantz is a Teaching Assistant Professor of Marketing at West Virginia University. She teaches classes in First Year Seminar, Business Communication, and Success strategies for the College of Business and Economics. She is currently the Chair of the Campus Read Selection Committee. Lantz earned her Ph.D. in English at WVU with an emphasis in Cultural Studies. Before coming to the WVU College of Business and Economics, she spent 22 years working in various areas of the University, including holding positions as:
• the Assistant Director of Student Employment in the Division of Human Resources,
• the Associate Director of Career Services in Student Affairs,
• the Parent Advocate in the Office of the President.

Her professional interests include:
• First year students
• Experiential Learning
• Business Communication
• Campus Common Reading Experiences

In 2011 she was awarded WVU's Mary Catherine Buswell Award for her service and advancement of women at WVU and the Morgantown Community. In 2015 she was recognized for her service contributions to the WVU Department of Marketing. When she isn't teaching, writing, or training, she can be found at home with her husband, 12 year-old-twin sons, and 81 year-old mother, discussing films, books, and other types of popular culture.

Carroll Wetzel Wilkinson

Carroll Wetzel Wilkinson currently serves as the Director of Strategic Library Initiatives at West Virginia University Libraries. In this capacity she oversees innovations in library programming to reach new participants and welcome diverse audiences into library spaces. Examples of her recent work include: a library symposia for the celebration in 2016 entitled: Women: Celebrating 125 Years, a Three Day Symposium Presented by the WVU Libraries; the special 2015-16 exhibition of Fractured Spaces: Stories of Resistance and Resilience, a photojournalism retrospective by Lois Raimondo of the Reed College of Media; and the Veteran Outreach Program, a mindful effort to welcome a unique group of students at WVU into the library spaces of Evansdale, Health Sciences, Law, and the Downtown Campus Library. Wilkinson has served in this capacity since September of 2014.

Marjorie Fuller

Marjorie Fuller is the director of WVU’s Center for Black Culture and Research. An educator and administrator who headed diversity programs at colleges in Illinois and Iowa, she came to WVU from Kent State University in Ohio, where she taught in the Pan African Studies Department. Fuller is an English graduate from Kent State. She also stayed on at Kent to earn a master’s in English literature and composition with a concentration in multicultural studies.