Exploring the WVU Green Zone (Working with Student Veterans)

When and Where

May 11 2017 02:00-03:00PM | Evansdale Library Room 228

Session Information

The West Virginia Green Zone is a collaboration to research and produce a teacher education program at WVU that prepares faculty, staff, and students to work effectively with student veterans, especially those contending with the signature wounds of war: traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). What makes this presentation particularly innovative is the focus on small-group discussion among faculty and student veterans.

The student veterans are able to contextualize and enrich the research data with their own narratives about living and studying while grappling with TBI, PTSD, and other significant challenges. Providing face-to-face interaction between student veterans and faculty enables the West Virginia Green Zone to succeed where other delivery formats—like online testing modules—fail because student veterans are able to tell their own stories and make connections with the faculty who teach their classes. Because student veterans take classes throughout the university including disciplines like engineering, law, and criminal justice, this presentation will have broad appeal while also contributing to the institution’s mission of equity and inclusion.


Thomas Sura

Thomas Sura

Tom Sura is an Assistant Professor in the English department and the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Writing Program. His scholarship focuses on teacher education and curriculum design in composition studies.