iFather (encouraging fathers to be a strong presence in their kid’s lives)

When and Where

May 11 2017 12:30-01:30PM | Evansdale Library G01 (TLC Sandbox)

Session Information

The purpose of this presentation is to describe the development, current initiatives, and research conducted through iFather. iFather is a collaborative program between West Virginia University and Head Start that supports fathers of children in grades pre-k through 1st grade in understanding the importance of their role in the development of their child’s educational, physical and social life. iFather shows fathers reading techniques/social play activities and stresses the importance of bonding time, healthy eating habits, and encouragement.


Bernard Jones, Eric Murphy, Byron Towner

Bernard Jones

Dr. Bernard C. Jones, is a clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Assessment for Educator Preparation at West Virginia University. He is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida. Professor Jones received his doctorate in Special Education and Higher Education Leadership from West Virginia University. Dr. Jones has over eighteen years of experience teaching at the elementary, middle school, alternative high school and university level in special education and regular education. He has experience at teaching educational foundations and special education, instructional design, academic intervention, classroom management and assessment courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.