Exploring a Cloud Based Cyber Security Simulation Portal

When and Where

May 11 2017 01:00-02:00PM | ESB G111 (Engineering Learning Center)

Session Information

This session will provide an overview of the initial development of CSSP (Cyber Security Simulation Portal). CSSP is a ruby on rails application that provides a web portal to manage cyber security simulations in the cloud. The motivation behind this effort is to create an easy to use cyber security training environment. By utlizing the cloud and cloud programming, APIs cyber security training resources can be allocated on demand, which can greatly reduce costs of setup, deployment, delegation, and usage of resources.


David Krovich

David Krovich

David Krovich is a Research Associate in the Lane Department of CSEE at West Virginia. His research interests are focused around cyber security education and open source software. David serves as the faculty advisor for CyberWVU, a student organization at West Virginia University that focuses on cyber security.