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The Teaching and Learning Commons provides a variety of assistance to promote excellence in the creation and development of high quality learning experiences:

The Graduate Academy:

The Graduate Academy is a suite of programs focusing on transferable skills for career success: teaching, research, writing, leadership, entrepreneurship, career exploration, and networking.

Instructor Support:

  • How can I change my course?
    TLC can assist with revising syllabi, creating course materials, and/or implementing new instructional methods
  • What resources might help me?
    TLC provides individual consultations, workshops, and access to online resources from WVU and peer institutions.
  • Where can I go for assistance on classroom technology?
    TLC provides training on classroom equipment and the integration of technology into curriculum.
  • How can I include research in the classroom?
    TLC can provide resources for coaching students on research skills; in addition, we can help instructors to conduct research on their teaching.

Services Offered:

  • Teaching and Learning Consultations related to course design, effective & efficient teaching practices, and integrating technology (i.e. flipped classroom, problem-based learning, engagement, outcomes/assessment, and instructional design principles)
  • Workshops on a range of teaching topics based on instructor feedback and requests
  • Departmental planning sessions to assess curriculum or discuss curriculum changes
  • Course Development Projects (eCampus, blended learning, interactive learning)
  • Media Creation (audio, graphics, streaming media, video, and WVU iTunes U)
  • Classroom Technology Training/Demonstrations

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