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Classroom Support

Hotline (for immediate assistance): (304) 293-2832

Email (for general inquiries):

iDesign supports over 150 technology classrooms on the Downtown and Evansdale campuses. Most of these have the "Standard" designation and are equipped with a PC (with DVD playback capabilities), data video projector, document camera, auxiliary input panel, and touchpanel control system. Some "optional" equipment such as microphones, a Macintosh computer, input for digital devices, and dual projection screens are also available depending on the room. Additional rooms with the "Computer Lab" designation incorporate computer workstations for each student. 

Alternatively, some classrooms that have the "Plug-N-Play" designation for laptop-ready facilities with a projector and input panel available for mobile devices instructors can bring with them into class. 

If you are interested in scheduling an iDesign-supported technology classroom, please contact Facilities Scheduling for proper placement to meet your instructional needs.

Our Mailing Address:

iDesign-Classroom Group
Hodges Hall room 210
PO Box 6802
Morgantown, WV 26506

Our Physical or "Ship-To" Address:

WVU iDesign-Classroom
c/o Roger Neptune
127 Hough Street
Hodges Hall room 210
Morgantown, WV 26505

iDesign staff members are available for assistance, troubleshooting, and equipment maintenance in supported facilities. They may provide consulting to other units and department technicians, WVU-hired vendors, architects, design firms, and work with WVU administration. This group also works with the Provost's Office to define classroom standards and renovate general purpose classrooms. Our main office is located in 210 Hodges Hall on Morgantown's Downtown campus, with a second office at G08 Evansdale Library on the Evansdale campus.

iDesign classroom technology staff are also available to meet with faculty for individualized or group-training sessions. A mock classroom equipped with a standard technology lectern is available in Hodges Hall for on-the-spot training. Please contact us at (304) 293-2832 with your questions, concerns, or training requests.