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PAS Room 115

In this 32 seat Active Learning classroom, two ceiling mounted projectors and retractable, motorized screens are used to display a networked PC computer (with built-in DVD drive and front USB ports), or document camera. As well, a laptop computer or portable video device may be displayed by connecting them to the local input panel at the lectern. 
This classroom was the recipient of the  2019 Active Learning Center (ALC) Grant awarded by Steelcase Education.
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Classroom Resources
ARM 306 Spherical Image ARM 306 Spherical Image

Time Lapse Video of Renovation:
Room 115 of PAS building during renovation

Problem Description Support Group Contact Information
Technical Equipment Problems
(PC, Document Camera, Microphone, Control System, Training, etc.)
Classroom Technology 304-293-CTEC
Laptop/Tablet Problems
(Microsott Surface Tablets from Cart)
Sherry Binion, CPASS IT 304-293-0825
Environmental Issues
(Temperature, Seating, Lighting, Cleanliness, Chalk, etc.)
Facilities Management 304-293-HELP
Security Issues
(Locked Classroom, Disturbance, etc.)
WVU Police 304-293-COPS
Room Scheduling
(Access and Availability, Reservations, etc.)
Dr. Bulger, Associate Dean in CPASS
Software Training Resources
(Using PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
ITS Training 304-293-4444