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VCR's are found only in standard classrooms installed or renovated before 2008, and then only if it hasn’t broken down yet. They are not able to be repaired, and often die unexpectedly.

As of September 2020 the following classrooms still have VCRs:

Future room renovations do not include VCRs. If you require a VCR for your classroom, portable units may be obtained from the WVU Downtown Library and connected through the input panel.

Image of VCR in lectern

A. Locate the VCR inside the multimedia lectern at the front of the classroom. Carefully insert your tape.

Image of AMX touch panel

B. Locate the touchpanel on the lectern top.

Image of VCR button

C. Select the VCR for projection by pressing the “VCR” button in the left portion of the touch panel.

Image of Display Left and Display Right buttons

D. For classrooms with two projectors, project the VCR onto the left or right screen by pressing the appropriate display button in the lower portion of the touch panel.

Image of VCR with controls shown

E. Control the VCR (play, stop, fast forward, rewind, eject) with the appropriate buttons on the front of the VCR.

Image of touch panel Room volume control

F. Adjust the volume using the touch panel “Room” volume slider control.

Image of Closed Caption Decoder box

G. The Closed Caption decoder is located directly above the VCR. To turn ON Closed Captions, move the toggle switch to the left for CC1. To turn OFF Closed Captions, move the toggle switch to either the center or right position.

Image of CC logo

H. The Closed Caption decoder will display captions only when using videocassettes displaying the closed caption logo.