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Blackboard Collaborate is a real-time video conferencing tool that lets you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. Collaborate Ultra opens right in your browser, so you don't have to install any software to join a session. You can create breakout groups for students. You can also archive the main meeting to your eCampus course shell so that students who missed the session can view it later. Additionally, students with poor connectivity can use their phone to connect to meetings. If you have previously used and prefer Collaborate Original, you may use that tool as well, though it is retiring in May.

Where to Find It

Blackboard Collaborate can be accessed from within your eCampus course shell.

For More InformationVisit the eCampus help page for Collaborate Ultra.

How to Use It

For More InformationView this video: How to use Collaborate Ultra in 15 Minutes - Faculty Training Faculty, featuring WVU Chemistry's Michelle Richards-Babb, and Amy Cyphert.

For More InformationView our webinar session on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Should I record my live virtual class sessions?

With the unusual surge of people online across the country, localized internet can be inconsistent or even non-existent due to the number of users. The Provost has requested that we be as flexible as possible with our students. The Teaching and Learning Commons encourages instructors to record any live class meetings, in case students’ connection speeds create an erratic experience, and also for those who cannot make it to class at all due to COVID-19 related child-care, illness, or work concerns. You can record your sessions to the Cloud, and only share them with students in your course. Please tell students that class recordings are intended for use by class members only.

If something happened during your live class session that you feel would be inappropriate to be shared, please reach out to the Teaching and Learning Commons for assistance. We may be able to edit out a portion of the recording so it can be shared. Local recordings or edited recordings can be uploaded to Mediasite for sharing with students.

Can I share my class recording with others?

Class recordings may only be shared with the students and instructors in that class, any other use depends on the details of the information recorded and the details of the specific use. For other uses of your live class recordings please put in a request for consultation with the Teaching and Learning Commons.

Find Support

Blackboard Collaborate is supported by WVU Information Technology Services.

Attention! Submit a help ticket to WVU ITS.