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eCampus and Google Drive


As always, eCampus should be the hub of course activity, and is your secure location to provide instructional materials, learning assessments, and grades to students. Every course at WVU is provided with an eCampus course shell automatically. However there are important limitations in the ways eCampus will be used. No files or content should be posted directly in eCampus! Please upload files to Google Drive and link to them, to keep the storage load off eCampus.

For More InformationPlease see the ITS help site for Teaching Remotely During the COVID-19 Outbreak.

We are highlighting the following eCampus tools:

  • Course Announcements
  • Course Discussions
  • Assignments (including TurnItIn assignments
  • Assessments (to be given during your scheduled class time to balance load)
  • Grade Center
  • Web Links

We are also highlighting certain services already integrated into eCampus:

  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • Mediasite (wait until this message is updated to begin using this tool, it is being upgraded)
  • Respondus Monitor -- automated proctoring
  • ThinkingStorm (Tutoring) -- see the WVU Tutoring website for information about the continuation of on-campus tutoring
  • VoiceThread
  • Zoom

Do not upload files, images, or videos directly to eCampus. Use Web Links to link to this content.

Once you have reviewed your syllabus, upload your updated syllabus to Google Drive and link it to your eCampus course shell. Videos can go on Google Drive, but may be better placed on YouTube or Mediasite.

Instructional materials such as documents and presentations can also be uploaded to Google Drive and linked in your eCampus course shell.

eCampus can be used to provide assignments and assessments. Through its integration with Respondus Monitor, it can also provide automated proctoring for your exams. This service is no additional charge to your students, since it is already paid for through the online learning student support (OLSS).

Articles, book chapters, books, and copyrighted videos should be directed to  WVU Library's Course eReserves.

eCampus Template

We have created a simplified eCampus template you can use if you're just starting with your remote teaching eCampus course space.

Attention!Download the Instructional Continuity eCampus template.

After downloading the template, please see the Exporting and Importing Course Packages guide to import it as a course package. This is meant for empty course shells and not for courses which already have content.

MIX and Google Drive

Unlimited file storage in Google Drive is available as part of your university-issued MIX account and our G Suite for Education services. Every instructor at WVU has a MIX email address. You can upload presentations and documents, and share them with your students by placing a link in eCampus. Learn more about Google Drive.

If you've never used your MIX Google Drive, you can follow Dr. William Beasley's How-To Guide for Faculty - Using MIX and Google Drive.

Information is available on the ITS help page for Teaching Remotely During the COVID-19 Outbreak.

To learn more about using eCampus, please visit the eCampus 101 page.