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Instructional Continuity and Tools

You are not building an online course. You are unexpectedly finishing your course remotely, so that students can achieve the course outcomes and receive credit for their efforts. This is a process of instructional continuity, not instructional design.

Consider how you were previously meeting your course objectives and determine how students will be able to meet those objectives at a distance.

Look over the available tools on these pages and determine which ones best fit your teaching style and situation.

Additionally, WVU ITS has provided a Digital Media Comparison Chart.

Continuity Tools Information

As you scramble mid semester to suddenly change the delivery method of your course, you may be wondering, "How do I continue to do what I was doing in my face-to-face course, but just do it online?" The information below lists some tools that can help you do just that. To learn how to use the tools, you can watch our recorded Webinars or drop in to our Q and A sessions. If you have specific questions about the tools, you can request assistance from the Teaching and Learning Commons, email us at, or call (304) 293-5824.

eCampus and Instructional Materials

Need an introduction to eCampus? Watch our eCampus Overview Webinar and review the eCampus support documents from ITS.

Articles, book chapters, books, and copyrighted videos should be directed to WVU Library's Course eReserves. For more information on eReserves watch this video.

Tools to Replicate a Lecture:
Tools to Replicate a Group Discussion:
Tools to Replicate a Paper Assignment:

Tools to Give Tests and Quizzes:
Tools to Conduct Polls:
Tools to Replicate a Paper Assignment:

Low Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity issues are a difficulty for both instructors and students. View our webinar on some workarounds for low connectivity and connectivity issues.

Internet connectivity issues are a main concern with online instruction, and resources are constantly being developed. As more resources become available, they will be posted here.

Online Teaching Tips

Looking for some more information regarding teaching online and with technology? Review the information in the downloadable document below inspired by submissions for the 2020 Digital Learning Day Award.

Download Exemplary Teaching With Tech Document

You can also find some additional tips and information on our Online Teaching Tips page and in this article from WVU Today.

This page will continue to be updated, so check back for more information. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to request assistance.