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Certificate in University Teaching

The Certificate has provided invaluable training and insight into the wider university and alternative careers. I've discussed the Certificate as much as my doctoral training in my interviews for institutional research positions. -- Rachel Stoiko, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Psychology

This 15-credit certificate helps to prepare graduate students for teaching at the college level. The certificate draws on university-wide resources to combine pedagogy training, diversity issues in higher education, mentored teaching experience, educational assessment and research, and a capstone teaching portfolio. Together, the program components will develop students’ ability to design and teach their own courses while implementing effective classroom techniques, assessment, and reflection. By completing the certificate, students will be ready to compete in the academic job market and enter faculty careers.

Specifically, the certificate trains students to meet the following objectives:

  • To explain theories of learning and diversity
  • To synthesize and apply active learning strategies, instructional technology, and classroom assessment techniques
  • To design a course with appropriate course materials
  • To create a professional teaching portfolio.

Current graduate students in good standing may apply to enter the certificate program. Once completed, this graduate certificate will appear on students’ WVU transcripts.

The Certificate has seven major requirements:

  1. A pedagogy course
  2. A diversity course
  3. A higher education elective course
  4. The Seminar in 21st Century Teaching
  5. Teaching experience
  6. A teaching practicum course
  7. The teaching capstone course