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Graduate Academy Courses

These courses for academic credit provide a comprehensive introduction to academic careers. All graduate students are welcome to take any of these courses.

Classroom Assessment Techniques

GRAD 694E, 1 credit, fall semester

Frequent assessment enables teachers to determine how well their students are learning and make adjustments where needed. Students in this course will explore and evaluate classroom assessment techniques that incorporate active learning into college classes. They will also learn to select the most appropriate assessment technique for the situation.

Instructor: Dr. Amy Kuhn

Careers in Higher Education

GRAD 693B, 2 credits, spring semester

This discussion-based seminar will prepare graduate students for the academic job search, acclimate them to promotion and tenure requirements, address current issues in higher education, and consider the possibilities for nonacademic careers.

Instructor: Dr. Lynne Cossman

Teaching Everyone: Accessibility Online

GRAD 593A, 1 credit, Online, 1st half of spring semester

Modern technology and course delivery methods can present challenges to many learners. This course will cover the challenges that learners with disabilities can face. It will also cover common strategies used to ensure that all learners can access important class content. Learn what it is like to use the Internet with a visual or auditory challenge, and learn about planning ahead for learners of different abilities.

Instructor: Chrys Dean

Readability in the Online Course

GRAD 593B, 1 credit, Online, 2nd half of spring semester

Most online courses are text based, even after media is added. However, research indicates that people don't read web pages. They scan them. How can we overcome this with our online course content so that students are less likely to miss vital information? This course will show you how you can format on-screen text to make it more visually inviting. It will also show you how to evaluate the readability of your own writing.

Instructor: Lydia Mong

Scholarly Teaching

GRAD 710, 3 Credits, spring semester

This pedagogy course provides teaching strategies drawn from current research on college education and scientific teaching. Students will practice and apply these teaching skills in their own disciplines in order to become effective college instructors.

Instructor: Dr. Michelle Withers

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

GRAD 794A, 1 Credit, spring semester

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a growing movement in higher education to conduct rigorous, evidence-based research on learning. Students in this course will explore studies that have been conducted and identify scholarly opportunities within their discipline. Then they will apply their knowledge of SoTL to generate ideas for future scholarly research, select appropriate research methodology, and create a research proposal.

Instructor: Dr. Amy Kuhn

Teaching Capstone

GRAD 685, 3 credits, Online, spring semester

This is the capstone course for the Certificate in University Teaching and is intended to help students design a course in their interest area, design an effective teaching portfolio, and prepare for the academic job search.

Instructor: Dr. Amy Kuhn