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Graphic showing a collection of badges you can earn.

Micro-credentials (badges) are a highly visible way to showcase designated achievements and expertise. Badges represent a different or supplemental approach to the documentation of learning. At WVU, select experiences have been approved for this special recognition, and they require documented evidence that stated learning outcomes have been achieved. WVU is using Badgr to create, manage, and award these three types of digital micro-credentials:

"Independent badges"- these are for individual (stand-alone) accomplishments that may (or may not) contribute to a longer-term pathway.

A "Pathway Badge" indicates a prescribed succession of related experiences that are completed on a specific theme or topic.

“Milestone Badges” are then granted as each major step is completed along the pathway. They typically have foil edging with a banner indicating the pathway stage information.

Note: Individuals also have the ability to import badges earned from other sources (such as ACUE) into the Backpack section of their Badgr account.

Proposals that are approved will then work with WVU's Teaching and Learning Commons to build and launch the micro-credential. For more information about digital badging in higher education, read the Educause article Developing a Higher Education Badging Initiative.