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Graduate Academy Courses – Spring 2020 


Are you looking for new teaching ideas? Do you want to be more prepared for the academic job market? Check out these Graduate Academy courses for Spring 2020, which range from 1 – 3 credit hours.


Course Name and Description Credit Meeting times and modality

GRAD 673: Careers in Higher Education

Are you considering a career in higher education? Then this course is for you! You will learn about the faculty job-application process, the responsibilities of faculty positions, and the different kinds of institutions in American higher education.


Two credit hours


Blended course. Primarily online with five face-to-face meetings, which are determined according to students’ schedules.

GRAD 710: Scholarly Teaching 

So you want to be a more effective teacher, but how do you know which teaching practices work? In this course, you will explore strategies of effective teaching that are drawn from current research and proven to be effective. You will also gain hands-on experience in applying the strategies in your own discipline.


Three credit hours

Face-to-face course.

Meets Tuesdays from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m., but this can potentially be changed to better meet students’ schedules.

GRAD 593C: Designing Scenarios to Engage Students 

Student engagement is a key contributor to student learning and success. But how do we engage our students? This course focuses on one specific strategy—designing scenarios. It explores how you can design engaging scenarios that also facilitate critical thinking about concepts and tasks in any discipline. (I think we could delete everything after “critical thinking,” too.)


One credit hour

Online Course.

Half semester long: January 13 – March 6 

GRAD 670: Readability in the Blended & Online Course

Research indicates that people don't read web pages. They scan them. How can we overcome this in our online courses so students are less likely to miss vital information? This course will show you how you can format on-screen text to make it more visually inviting. It will also show you how to evaluate the readability of your own writing.


One credit hour


Half semester long: March 9 – May 1

For more information or questions please contact Amy Kuhn