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Course List - Completed Reviews

Courses that have completed the official Quality Matters review.


NBAN 205: Introduction to Human Anatomy, Dawn Hunter

SENG 520: Software Analysis and Design

Courses that have completed WVU's internal Quality Matters reviews.


NSG 704: Health Care Leadership

NSG 471: Community Health Nursing: Theory and Interventions

NSG 362: Clinical Health Promotion

SENG 561: Agile Software Development

LEGS 720: Media and the Law, Michelle Condon

SENG 582: Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, Dale Dzielski

SOCA 207: Social Problems in Contemporary America, Daniel Brewster and Kristen Song

SAFM 505: Safety Legislation and Compliance, Rose McMurray

LEGS 691 new number LEGS 753: Immigration & Border Security, Ulysses Jaen

HIST 453: Civil War and Reconstruction

EDP 703: The Adult Learner, Patricia Haught

SBHS 601: Social and Behavioral Theory, Lesley Cottrell

NSG 465: Foundations of Research and Evidence Based Practice

PSIO760: Human Physiology, Steven Hardy

SAFM 534: Fire Safety Management

SPED 676: Critical Thinking/Creativity in Gifted Education, Carla Brigandi

NSG 372: Safety Quality and Information Technology, Crystal Sheaves

SHED 600: Foundations of Public Health for School Health Educators, Toni Morris

SPED 622: Instructional Programming: Severe Disabilities, Colleen Wood-Fields

SBHS 611: Community Assessment, Haslyn Hunte

LEGS 771: Long Term Care Regulation, Manuel Alvarez

CSAD 270: Effective Public Speaking, Carolyn Atkins

LEGS 751: Punishment and Corrections, Cheryl Johnson-Lyons

ECON 225: Elementary Business and Economics Statistics, Brian Cushing

SHED 601: Emerging Research in Elementary School Health, Ishonte Allar

LEGS 620: Researching the Law, Ulysses Jaen