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2020 Award Recipients

The Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) has awarded six grants to West Virginia University faculty to encourage innovation in the classroom.   

Grants were awarded to:

  • Hanna Szczepanowska (Assistant Professor of Art History, WVU College of Creative Arts) – Zarbeco MiScope and accessories to use as a field digital microscope to document characteristics, conditions and surface features for use in ARHS classes and to support the nation's first Technical Art History degree.
  • Arron Fleming (Associate Professor of Accounting, WVU College of Business & Economics) – Oculus Quest VR Headset and accessories to immerse students in real-life processes and procedures for expansion of the hybrid online Masters in Forensic and Fraud Examination into a virtual residency.
  • Amelia Simpson (Graduate Research Assistant aided by Dr. Taliaferro and Dr. Bulger, WVU College of Physical Activities and Sports Sciences) – 3D printer and other accessories for use in designing/developing physical activity-related assistive technologies through student collaboration in CPASS and Davis College APE practicum related courses.
  • Jennifer Stueckle (Teaching Associate Professor of Biology, WVU Eberly College of Arts & Sciences) – Aquarian Hydrophone and accessories to establish a biotechnology project for hands-on exploration in an outreach and community service context, and address a significant portion in GEF course BIOL 101's curriculum.
  • Nina Assimakopoulos (Associate Professor of Flute, WVU College of Creative Arts) – Apple iPad and accessories to provide Applied Flute undergraduate and graduate student access to study and perform many electro-acoustic works, expanding their repertoire and performance experiences, and raising international program visibility.
  • Randy McCombie (Associate Professor of Human Performance - Occupational TherapyWVU School of Medicine) – Meeting Owl Pro and accessories to enhance student group discussions, debates and demonstrations on national and international levels for better understanding and appreciation of global healthcare perspectives.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Crosby Hipes (Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, WVU Tech College of Business, Humanities & Social Sciences) – Student resources for in-class activities / out-of-class research projects.
  • Ryan Hansen (Teaching Instructor of Mathematics, WVU Eberly College of Arts & Sciences) – 3D printed manipulatives for hands-on approach to "grasp" abstract ideas within a concrete context.
  • Clifton Smith (Teaching Assistant Professor of Visual Journalism, WVU Reed College of Media) – Student resources for first "Use of Drones in Media" class for visual storytelling.

The awardees are expected to incorporate the technology into the classroom during the 2020-2021 academic year and present their findings in a poster session at Celebrate in May of 2021.