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Classroom COVID Response

Precautionary measures against COVID-19 are being implemented across all of WVU, including the TLC's technology classrooms. A full list of the technology changes in TLC-Supported classrooms is available and continually being updated. Due to changing guidelines and access to materials, please keep checking back to this page for updates.

Special Note:
Per Federal, State, and WVU regulations, masks must be worn by everyone in the classroom at all times. CTec staff are required to report any violation and deny service.

Top Links for Spring 2021 Semester:

Important Note for Spring 2021 classrooms: Not all classrooms will be able to Live Stream . Due to network restraints, some have been designated as Record Only.

    • In a "Live Streaming" capable classroom, tools such as Zoom and Collaborate Ultra can be used to hold  synchronous classes with remote learners.
    • In a "Record-Only" classroom, instructional content is delivered  asynchronously. Use of  Mediasite Catch software  (which does not require network access at the time class is held) can capture everything presented through the installed PC (note: not your laptop). Then as network capacity allows, recordings will then be uploaded to the cloud and made available to you (usually within 24 hours).

If you need to change rooms because you require live streaming but assigned a room without it please contact Facilities Scheduling to request reassignment.

There are 4 sections to this page:

  1. WVU-General Actions ("What is happening campus-wide and what guidelines do I follow?")
  2. Classroom-Specific Actions ("What is being done specifically at my classroom?")
  3. Technology Equipment Actions ("What technology will be available for me to use for my class?")
  4. FAQ and Training Initiatives ("How do I use this darn stuff anyway?")

WVU-General Actions:
  • Provide adjustment requirements on the  Return To Campus site, Coronavirus site, Faculty site, and in other official WVU communications (frequently updated)
  • Provide  instructor guidance  strategies and tools for course planning and contingency preparedness (Teaching Institutes and Webinars, Information on Zoom and Mediasite, etc.)
  • Reinforce the need for instructors to prepare a plan for a quick pivot to fully online should the situation change and offsite teaching becomes mandatory again
  • Reduce classroom density by about 50% as advised by our healthcare professionals and partners to help with social distancing
  • Provide assigned seating and attendance tracking information
  • Move a number of courses to online delivery, which will free up larger classrooms to accommodate for social distancing
  • Shift other courses to a  hybrid modality involving a mix of on-campus and online instruction
  • Create temporary classrooms  that will provide additional spaces for classroom instruction
  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment to employees and students.
  • Provide shields in front of lecterns to give instructors added protection when projecting their voice to the class (typically a 48" x 72" rolling-barrier shield)
  • Revise class schedules to include updated information for each course (classroom location, days and time the course will be offered, as well as mode of delivery)
  • Provide opportunities ( drop-in consultations, webinars, videos) for instructors and teaching assistants to gain knowledge about (and best practices regarding) streaming/recording their class

Classroom-Specific Actions (Downtown and Evansdale):

  • Provide location-specific information (click on the "Spring 2021 Classroom List" button at top of page) regarding which classrooms are "Live Streaming"  versus "Record Only", as well as system modifications for each (example: added web camera, lectern microphone, etc.)
  • Move / replace existing student seating with tablet armchairs to increase seating capacity where possible while still adhering to social distancing (SD) guidelines (example: PAS 115)
  • Upgrade existing Plug-N-Play technology to "Standard" (PC, DocCam, Mic, etc.) in the Mountainlair Gluck Theater (Room 114)
  • Accommodate Computer Lab Classroom social distancing measures by relocating some computers from ESB G78B into G78A

Technology Equipment Actions (Downtown and Evansdale):

  • Provide ability to either live stream or record presentations for synchronous or asynchronous delivery in CTec classrooms based on network capacity
  • Install Mediasite Catch software onto classroom PC's to record class for upload later (as network capacity allows)
  • Reduce instructor contact points in classrooms by installing touch-less (lectern-mounted or ceiling-mounted) microphones, as well as remove existing wireless microphones and wireless presenters
  • Install a camera connected to the classroom PC to add "face value" to live streamed or recorded classes
  • Provide information about the standard equipment available in our technology classrooms
  • Provide location-specific information for camera, microphone, and other system modifications (click on the "Spring 2021 Classroom List" button at top of page)

Frequently Asked Questions and Training Initiatives:

To answer your questions while still minimizing in-person contact on campus, several initiatives are underway...