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Two faculty talking at New Faculty Orientation.

The Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) provides teaching support and resources for faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. TLC staff collaborate with campus partners to assist instructors in enhancing their teaching tools, whether on campus or online, to deepen student learning.

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Teachers have discussion around a table. Text on image says "New Opportunity for Instructors. Improve Your Teaching. Network with Colleagues. Earn extra credentials."


  • Improve Your Teaching
  • Network with Colleagues
  • Earn Extra Credentials

The Teaching and Learning Commons is offering a new opportunity for all instructors—a cohort-based learning community on effective teaching practices based on the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) framework. The goal is to facilitate conversations on teaching as well as provide opportunities for networking and sharing experiences during the meetings.

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Full-Time Faculty Online Adjuncts Graduate Teaching Assistants


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Services and Resources

Female sitting in mid conversation, gesturing with her hands, speaking to a male in the background attentively listening.


A handdrawn concept map with arrows to light bulbs, mice, computer screens, the word TEAM, the word CONCEPT, the words ABOVE FOLD and the word LOGO.

Course Design

Julie Black and Eva Buchman profile looking into a Canon camera pointed off scene with a green wooded background.

Videos & Webcasts

A female, back to the camera, standing at a classroom lectern set up with multiple monitors and a microphone.

Classroom / Learning Spaces

Wood cut letters that spell out Quality Matters.

Quality Matters

Lou Slimak with his fists towards the camera, with AS^2ES^2 THIS written below his knuckles. Should be read as ASSESS THIS.


Panel of three speakers at a table in front of microphones, a male, a female speaking, and a female.

Peer Support

Roger Neptune drawing a diagram with fluorescent markers on a glass, with a black background.


Tracey Beckley and Erin Kelley face the camera, in front of a screen with 'What Defines Quality in an Online Class?' displayed on it.

Events & Workshops

A pad of white paper with a black question mark drawn on it, next to a coffee cup.