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Online Tutoring

Online tutoring (provided by ThinkingStorm) for core topics is available for many fully online courses. This browser-based online tutoring must be turned on in qualifying courses by the instructor.

How it Works

Tutoring takes place in browser-based online classrooms with live chat, whiteboard, and file upload functionality. Online interfaces are optimized for low bandwidth and minimal technical requirements to facilitate student access.

On-demand 24/7 availability and convenient scheduling options ensure students receive help whenever and wherever they need it, with minimal wait times.

Writing Center

There is a 24/7 asynchronous Writing Center, providing students with comprehensive feedback, editing suggestions, and additional resources on submitted documents.

How to Access

Tutoring must be added to the an online course by the instructor to be available to students. It can be made available in both eCampus and SOLE.

If you are an instructor of an online course that charges the OLSS fee, and want to add online tutoring to your course, please contact the TLC using the Request Assistance link and we can help you get set up.

The online tutoring service is paid for by the OLSS fee.