The Fake, Bad, and the Ugly: Helping students become Critical Information Consumers

When and Where

May 10 2017 09:00-10:00AM | Monongahela Room

Session Information

Join two WVU faculty and two academic librarians who have collaboratively created strategies to help students critically evaluate information. Participants will actively engage in this workshop to learn how to develop assignments and assessments that focus on critical evaluation of information. The discussion will help instructors across disciplines craft assignments and class activities to promote critical evaluation of sources and a more sophisticated understanding of how information is produced. Sample assignments and hands-on class activities will be shared.


Alyssa Wright, Kelly Diamond

Alyssa Wright

Alyssa Wright is the Research Librarian for the Social Sciences. She has been with the WVU Libraries since 2007. Her focus is in improving student’s critical thinking and research skills as well as partnering with faculty to craft assignments and lesson plans that address students’ deficits in information literacy. She currently teaches courses in information literacy and grant seeking. Her previous teaching experience includes courses in communication, writing, rhetoric, and public speaking at the university and community college level. She also serves as the library liaison to Psychology, Communication Studies, and Sociology and Anthropology. She earned an MLIS and MA in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa.

Kelly Diamond

Kelly Diamond is the Research Librarian for the Humanities and Online Instruction Designer.