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Technology Integration Grants

The grant application deadline for 2021 has expired. Please visit our 2021 Award Recipients page for the results.

The last 12 months have been a "different" year for everybody.... for everything. We are changing the Technology Integration Grant process to complement the changing demands on our faculty, as well as meet the updated needs of the institution.

This year, we are providing Technology Integration Grants in the form of 7 different kit types:

  1. USB Microphone Kit
  2. Webcam Kit
  3. Document Camera Kit
  4. Action Camera Kit
  5. Video Camera Kit
  6. 360-Degree Video Camera Kit
  7. 360-Degree Conference Camera Kit

The information for each kit is provided on our 2021 TIG Kits page .

No substitutions are permitted.

Timeline: On February 22, Teaching and Learning Commons announced Technology Integration Grant process changes for 2021. During February & March, instructors will write proposals and submit them by the EXTENDED deadline of 11:59 P.M. on April 4th, 2021. Awardees will be announced in April. Consultations will be scheduled in April, purchases made in May, with receipt of goods expected in June.

Purpose: The purpose of the Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) Technology Integration Grant (TIG) is to encourage WVU faculty to explore educational technologies/tools that enhance teaching and learning. Broader goals of this grant are to foster the exchange of ideas regarding such technologies among peers and to inform curricular decisions related to technology integration.

Program Eligibility: At this time the program is open to full-time faculty teaching at WVU (including regional campuses). Projects that directly incorporate graduate teaching assistants are encouraged. Questions regarding the proposal process should be routed via email to

Process: Faculty will propose 1) integrating an emerging educational technology or 2) utilizing an existing technology (e.g. document camera) in an innovative way to enhance student learning. Teaching and Learning Commons will select awardees to kit requests to be implemented in the upcoming academic year (starting in Fall). For selected projects, the TLC will purchase the Kit's equipment and supplies requested in the proposal for the associated academic departments (with the understanding that the submitting faculty member will have primary use of the equipment for at least 5 years). Ongoing maintenance and supplies will be the responsibility of academic departments, and therefore Chair approval will be required before awards are finalized.

Outcome: The expected outcome of this grant is the integration of these technologies/tools into at least one course during the next academic year to enhance the student learning experience. Award recipients will be expected to do the following:

  • participate in two post-award consultations within the TLC Sandbox*;
  • provide evidence of how the technology is being incorporated to achieve course objectives;
  • assess the technology impact on student learning outcomes in consultation with TLC staff;
  • create a poster summarizing the project and present at Celebrate on May 11, 2022.

Application Procedure: Complete the online proposal form (button at top of page) by 11:59 P.M. on April  4, 2021. Winners will be announced in early April. Initial consultations will follow, equipment will be purchased, and resources made available to faculty for Fall 2021. In the event that the awardee(s) are unable or unwilling to meet the specified outcomes, the purchased equipment may be reassigned at the discretion of the Teaching and Learning Commons.

Review and Selection: Applications will be reviewed by the Associate Provost of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and senior staff within the Teaching and Learning Commons. The review criteria will include:

  • Rationale: innovation and feasibility of project implementation;
  • Evaluation Plan: expected impact on student learning;
  • Impact: broader influence on curricular decisions related to technology integration.

* The Teaching and Learning Commons Sandbox is a research and development space for faculty, graduate students and staff to assess and test emerging learning technologies. The Teaching and Learning Commons exemplifies an evidence-based, scholarship approach that incorporates research, exploration, and innovation.