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TLC Beckley

A Teaching Resource for All Instructors

The TLC affiliate at WVU Beckley was established to help achieve the broad TLC mission while serving the specific needs of the instructors in the regional campus. Our main overall goal is to promote teaching excellence and student success by providing teaching support and resources for all instructors. We collaborate with campus partners to assist instructors in enhancing their teaching in any modality and deepening student learning. Our partners include Libraries, IT Services, as well as TLC Faculty Associates, who are selected from all 3 campuses.

Some examples of our programming include the following:

  1. A New Faculty Orientation,
  2. A learning community targeted for early-career faculty,
  3. Workshops on effective teaching practices, and
  4. Peer support.

Faculty Development Center

Picture of the WVU Beckley Faculty Development Center meeting room   Picture of the WVU Beckley Faculty Development Center meeting room

The Faculty Development Center was established to provide a space for professional development activities related to teaching and learning. We hope to utilize this space more to encourage collaboration and for peer sharing activities. It is housed in Learning Resource Center 324 in the same building as the cafeteria, on the 3rd floor across the hall from Engineering Department and IT staff offices.

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2022-2023 Faculty Associates from WVU Beckley

  • Kimberlyn Gray
    Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, WVU Institute of Technology
  • John Thomas Hird
    Associate Professor, Mathematics Department, WVU Institute of Technology
  • Andrea Kay Kent
    Associate Professor of Political Science, WVU Institute of Technology
  • Peggy Lambert Fink
    Assistant Professor of Nursing, WVU Institute of Technology