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Quality Frameworks

All programs are expected to have a plan to ensure quality (regardless of delivery modality). We believe that quality courses lead to a better student experience, more engagement, increased student learning, and ultimately higher levels of student success.

The TLC provides a spectrum of services related to Course & Curriculum Design to support quality courses, and we encourage faculty to consider these additional tools and resources:

The TLC also recommends Quality Matters (QM) as one well-researched option to establish a quality framework for online/blended courses at the college, department, and/or program level. However, it's not the only way, and we welcome inquiries for discussion on this topic. While the QM program was designed more for online course design, many of the principles can apply to face-to-face courses as well.

The TLC coordinates WVU’s institutional membership with Quality Matters and we can provide consultation during QM reviews upon request. However, TLC staff members are not considered "voting members" on QM review teams. This enables us to maintain our commitment to providing faculty support vs. focusing on compliance activities.

There are a number of QM Professional Development Opportunities available. Effective July 2023, individuals are responsible for securing funding for QM trainings (unless other arrangements are made in advance).