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This page is no longer updated. For assistance please visit the WVU IT Help Center .


Zoom is a real-time, cloud-based option for video conferencing, online meetings, and collaboration. It is available to WVU instructors, staff, and students at no cost. You can connect live, via audio and video, and share presentation content. You can create breakout groups. The meeting can be recorded. Additionally, students with poor internet connectivity can split the video and audio between computer and phone, or can dial-in for an audio only connection.

Each WVU Zoom Account is licensed to allow you to host unlimited meetings with up to 300 participants, limited to 24 hours long or less per meeting.

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Activate a Zoom Account

WVU Instructors, Staff, Students HSC Instructors, Staff

Health Sciences Center (HSC) Instructors and staff must contact MDTV (Mountaineer Doctor Television) to acquire a Zoom account. If you have questions, please email or call 304-293-7335.

Larger Events

Your WVU account has a limit of 300 participants. If you are planning a larger event, webinar and large meeting licenses (both 1000 participants) can be reserved on a first-come basis.

Request a Webinar Request a Large Meeting

Change Your Zoom Display Name

Change display name in a meeting or preferred name on your account.

Change Your Zoom Display Name Instructions

Switching Between Zoom Accounts

Switching between your personal Zoom account and WVU account.

Switching Between Zoom Accounts Instructions

Add an Alternate Host to a Zoom Meeting

An alternate host can start the meeting on the Host’s behalf, run the meeting, and act as host.

Add an Alternate Host to a Zoom Meeting Instructions

Using Zoom

Join a Zoom Meeting

You do not need to have a WVU Zoom account to join a meeting unless your meeting host requires authentication.

Join a Zoom Meeting Instructions

Join/Register for a Zoom Session Requiring WVU Authentication

Zoom meetings and webinars can be configured to restrict entry or registration to users with valid WVU credentials. Making sure you are signed into the correct account is the most important factor for being able to participate in these sessions. Our help page provides step-by-step instructions for getting you signed in correctly.

Attend/Register for Sessions Requiring WVU Authentication

Virtual Meetings and Classes with Zoom

Includes Zoom tricks and tips such as enabling video and audio, creating a meeting, customizing your profile, authenticated users, and more.

Virtual Meetings and Classes with Zoom Webpage

Adding a Zoom Tool Link in eCampus

Explains how to use Zoom through eCampus. Instructors/Faculty will receive all email notifications about Zoom in their MIX account. If you want to receive these emails in your Office 365 account, consider forwarding your MIX email to your Office 365 account. Meetings can be scheduled external from eCampus or can be scheduled from right inside your eCampus shell. (You can find it under the Tools menu. Look under More Tools for Zoom Meetings.)

Adding a Zoom Tool Link in eCampus Instructions Email Forwarding in MIX Gmail Instructions

Setting up a Zoom Meeting FAQ

Explains how to schedule, set-up registration, add alternate host(s), authentification, and host controls.

Setting up a Zoom Meeting FAQ

Creating and Sharing Zoom Recordings

Recordings can be saved to your computer or in the cloud. Cloud recordings are limited to 120 days. Class recordings may only be shared with the students and instructors in that class, any other use depends on the details of the information recorded and the details of the specific use. For other uses of your live class recordings please put in a request for consultation with the TLC.

Creating and Sharing Zoom Recordings Instructions Request for Consultation

Using Polls in Zoom

Learn polling options from Zoom support.

Using Polls in Zoom Instructions

Outlook Add In

Designed to manage scheduling within the Outlook web and desktop apps, add a Zoom meeting to any new or existing calendar event.

Outlook Add In Webpage Desktop Plug-in for Scheduling Instructions For Mac Users


Zoom Meeting Security and Privacy

ITS explains WVU’s default account security pre-sets, how to use the Meeting Security Icon, and more. Also see Zoom’s Security page for the latest tips.

Zoom Meeting Security and Privacy Webpage Zoom Security Webpage

How to use the In-Meeting Security Icon

Allows the host or co-host of a meeting to enable or disable options during a meeting to secure the meeting and minimize disruption during the meeting.

Zoom In-Meeting Security Icon Webpage

Report Zoom Bombing

If you experience any unwanted, or disruptive intrusion please report it to WVU as soon as possible. Report it to Zoom as well.

Report Zoom Bombing to WVU Report Zoom Bombing to Zoom

Contact Zoom Support

ITS can answer basic Zoom questions, but we are not technical support. Zoom technical support is provided by the vendor.

Contact ITS Contact Zoom Support