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Course & Curriculum Design

Program and Course Design Assistance

The Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) is here to help develop exceptional programs, degrees, and courses that meet and exceed the needs of our students. We offer several design services related to planning, design, building, and modification.

Whether you want to explore classroom technology, transition to a blended or online format, add engaging multimedia, build in more interaction, reevaluate how you approach your core objectives and curriculum, or just find out what’s possible, TLC has the expertise, energy, and interest to help you explore what’s possible!


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eCampus Template

In a hurry? Check out our simple eCampus template.

eCampus Template

Program Design Services

After working through your curriculum development with the Office of the Provost and going through the appropriate approval process for new programs or program changes, we can help you take the next steps with your program. We provide a variety of consultation and design services, including program development planning, program consistency in academic technology, and program LMS templates (useful for in-person programs as well as online).

Course Design Services

Full Online Course Development

This is a design service where an instructional designer is assigned to serve as a project manager and as the primary builder of the course using content provided by the faculty, instructor, or subject matter expert (SME). The instructional designer serves as a guide throughout the process. Steps often include:

  • Initial meeting to discuss the design process and various ways the SME can provide course materials.
  • Discovering instructional needs and assisting SME in finding most effective and engaging online strategies for the subject matter and instructor-style
  • Develop a schedule of deliverables with regular meetings as needed
  • Develop look and feel for the course and graphics consistent with any programmatic templates and requirements.
  • Exploration of open educational resources and other WVU Library resources (with assistance from Subject Matter Librarians)
  • Assisting SME in developing instructional content in alignment with course objectives
  • Building the course content in one of several formats as determined by program and instructor needs.
  • Creating course videos, graphics, infographics, and animations with our internal teams.
  • Creating engaging instructional media in accordance with instructional design standards
  • Exploration of course activities and materials for compliance concerns such as copyright, accessibility, and privacy; work with appropriate units to determine best options.
  • Work with SME and program contact to ensure course meets desired QA benchmarks

Some steps can be requested as a stand-alone service. Full course development requests are accepted based on several considerations including instructional design capacity, connection with online programs or badge initiatives, and challenge of the development goals.

Assisted Development

An instructional designer or other educational consultant can be engaged for a number of assisted development services. The ID serves in more a consultant role and may help identify academic technologies, explore resources, evaluate content organization, while the instructor actually builds their own course. A common example is the creation of a course-design template to be filled in as appropriate by the faculty/instructor/SME. In assisted developments the instructor maintains primary responsibility for the course building process.

Interactive and Dynamic Media Development

Is your course already built but you’d like to add some interactive elements? Drag and drop placement of elements over building plans or green spaces; check your understanding components; formative quizzes including video or graphic elements? Are you looking to add animated sequences to your content? Or maybe you know you want something new but aren’t sure what might work for your course? Put in a request for assistance and we can discuss where we can help!

And More

Several of our Institutes, workshops, and website resources provide further information and quick answers about course design that can be used by any instructor. If you’re interested in learning more feel free to reach out for a consultation.