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Mental Health Resources

The Teaching and Learning Commons strives to curate resources for our instructors to help promote health and wellness for our campus community. Being more informed of the various support services available can make us all better responders should we encounter someone at risk. For example, the WVU CARE Team provides assistance and interventions as referrals are made to help students and the WVU community.

What do we do when a student is in crisis? Help Sheet

Make a CARE Referral

Additional Student-Related Resources:

Carruth Center Resources for Students

Emergency Leave Policy

Quin Curtis Center

Understanding the Mental Health of Our Students and Ways to Support Them (T. Anne Hawkins)

WVU Mental Health Syllabus Statements

Faculty/Staff-Related Resources:

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

Quin Curtis Center

Self Care in the Time of COVID-19

Understanding the Mental Health of our Faculty and Staff and Ways to Support Them (Janie Howsare)

External Resources:

4 Ways Faculty Can Be Allies for College Student Mental Health (ACUE)

Coping with Stress (CDC)

Mental Health America