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Course Design and Delivery


WVU recognizes that ongoing engagement is critical to student success and instructional strategies need to include opportunities for such interaction. WVU is also required to comply with Federal Title IV regulations to ensure that recipients of federal student aid demonstrate academic engagement even if the student withdraws from the course. This is mandated across all course delivery modalities. Visit the Engagement webpage for recommendations.

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Writing Effective Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes can be thought of as statements that describe how you expect students to be different as a result of successfully completing a particular academic program or course. They serve both as an organizational framework for the other components of the program or course and as means of communicating learning expectations to the students. The effort invested in developing thoughtful, deliberate, and purposeful learning outcomes will have pay-offs for both students and instructors.

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WVU Course Delivery Rubric

This is a rubric designed to act as a companion to the WVU Course Design Rubric. There is no single measure of the quality of course delivery, but this rubric will be an aid to reflecting on some teaching best practices. Every classroom is different, and there is not a “perfect” method of teaching. However, best practices serve as a starting point.

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WVU Course Design Rubric

This is a rubric to document the design quality of courses at WVU. It does not measure the quality of the course delivery. We discuss student information, student learning outcomes, learning activities, and assessments and the expected criteria, which should be met by all courses (regardless of modality or type).

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