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Fall Semester Instructor Guidance

Student expectations and the operational realities of our classes have evolved.

Anyone who has been teaching over the last two years is aware that student expectations and the operational realities of our classes have evolved. According to current University and CDC guidelines, class participants who contract COVID-19 must isolate for 5 days and should then wear a mask for 5 additional days upon return to class. Per the WVU attendance policy, students who miss class due to COVID-19 or other illness should reach out to their instructor and develop a plan to make up missed work and assessments.

WVU’s Teaching and Learning Commons offers the following recommendations to make attendance expectations clear to your students:

Talk to your students at the start of the semester about mutual expectations in the class. Engaging the class in this discussion and setting your class standards together can be a relationship and community-building opportunity.

Make students aware of the University and CDC expectations that are important to you, including isolation and masking expectations. While the University does not currently have mask requirements in most classrooms, you can share your mask preferences with your class. Additionally, you can utilize virtual options for office hours and other out-of-class meetings. You can also wear a mask any time you wish.

Determine how students who miss class will be able to catch up on missed work. Accommodations for excused absences should give students the information and assignments necessary to achieve the course goals – that does not necessarily mean class recordings or full online course content.

Discuss with your students how course content will be delivered if you become sick or need to isolate. Be prepared for questions. While a virtual option may be acceptable for you, some students may struggle with this arrangement and require additional support.

Establish the Learning Management System/LMS (eCampus or SOLE) as your course hub to access instructional content, check announcements and grades, and serve as a “one stop shop” to check for updates. We recommend using this tool for periodic updates even when you are able to meet in-person.

Clarify how you expect to communicate with students outside of in-person class meetings and how they can best communicate with you.

The TLC has more information on accommodating students and assessing learning on our website.

We hope you have a happy and safe fall semester. Please reach out to us if you need any assistance.