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Video & Webcasts

We offer video production and web conferencing services in support of TLC projects, and limited webcasting and video-production support for student-centered or faculty-focused live-events. In keeping with the mission and goals of the TLC, we accept a limited number of requests from across the University community. We do not offer services in support of marketing or promotional events, or for events without a primary instructional purpose.

Fill out our online form using our “Request Assistance” button below. Give as much detail as you can and also, please answer these questions when you do.

  • Why should this information be presented as a video or webcast?
  • What purpose is this going to serve?
  • What problem is it intended to solve?
  • What objectives will it meet?
  • What type of video will this be and why?
  • Even when we can't offer full video services, we can often offer advice.
    Put in a request with us below.

    Request Assistance