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Zoom Overview

Zoom is a cloud-based system that allows you to host online meetings; share your screen, software and documents; facilitate group discussions and chats; and gives you the ability to record it all and share with your students. Zoom is easy to use and offers great video and audio quality across multiple platforms.


All instructors can get a Pro Zoom account using your WVU sign-in credentials. It is recommended that you do this even if you have an existing account. For more information and instructions, visit the WVU create an account page.

Important: All HSC who use a or @wvumedicine email account need to contact MDTV to request a Zoom account or submit a ticket for technical assistance.

Your Pro account will be tied your @mix email account. We can merge existing accounts if they were made on our instance of Zoom. We cannot merge if an account was made outside our system, even if you used your WVU email when you created that account. Merged accounts will however, remain associated with your @mix account.

Attendees Need Accounts When Authorization is Required

Students and/or attendees do not need a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting unless the meeting has been configured to require authorization. In this case attendees will need to sign into Zoom using the SSO option to verify their WVU credentials before gaining entry to their class. 

Important: DO NOT USE the email and password fields or the Google sign in to login. Use the SSO button to enter your WVU credentials.

Zoom Sign-In

through a Browser

Always visit and use the Sign-In button. When signing in you should be using your WVU credentials through the single-sign-on (SSO) portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the sign-in button
  3. Click the SSO button ( do not use the email/password fields or Google sign in)
  4. Enter WVU in the Company Domain field
  5. Use your WVU credentials to complete sign-in.

through the App/Mobile

  1. Click the sign-in button
  2. Click the Sign in with SSO or just SSO button
  3. Enter wvu in the Company Domain field
  4. Use your WVU credentials to complete sign-in.

Important: If students are having issues signing in make sure they are NOT using the email and password fields or the Google sign in to login. Sign in needs to go through the SSO button.

If you have difficulty finding your meetings and you had a previous account, try signing out of the Zoom app completely, and signing back in through the SSO portal.

Get Started: Zoom How-To Videos

Zoom has created the following videos and documents to help students and instructors get up and running quickly:

Quick Tips for Using Zoom

  • Make sure you are signing in through the SSO option.
  • Review your meeting settings, especially the security options.
  • Test your meeting and equipment ahead of time.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Zoom interface for an improved class experience.
  • Practice using the security tools so that you can quickly address any disruptions in the class.
  • Plug in any external equipment, e.g. microphones or cameras, before opening the Zoom application. We recommend using a headset if possible.
  • You control if students can use their cameras or microphones to interact.
  • You can use the Chat feature to allow questions.
  • If sharing files, have them open for quick access.
  • If you are recording your sessions, it is recommended that you use the save to the cloud option.

Zoom Online Support Center