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Active Learning

"Active Learning" is generally defined as any instructional activity that engages students to participate in the learning process, often in groups. This is in contrast to the traditional lecture format where students passively receive information from the instructor.

Teaching and Learning Commons continues to introduce new collaborative classrooms and other active learning initiatives to assist instructors in utilizing interactive modes of teaching. In addition to the list below, new/prototype resources are continually being developed. If you are interested in participating, please let us know.


Wireless Teaching Pilot
Instructor stands by students teaching from tablet computer

Solstice Pilot Initiative
Use your own familiar mobile device
Untether from the lectern and engage with students
4 simultaneous users can collaborate/participate

Infographics (provided by CPASS)
Thumbnail of Active Learning Infographic

Collaborative Furniture Testing
Sketch of Classroom with Collaborative Furniture

Demonstrations & Testing Nov. 2018 - Feb. 2019
Popular furniture brands on display
Side-by-side "Try before you buy" opportunity
Promotes Team-Based Active Learning

Collaborative Classrooms
Classroom with mobile furniture grouped together

Contains Collaborative Furniture and/or Technology
Loose table-chair, tablet-arm chair, or swivel-chair units
More easily used for group/team work
Often with displays with signal-input for students

TLC Workshops
Request your own session or view one of these:
YouTube Video Thumbnail  Engaging Students: Learning by Doing

YouTube Video Thumbnail  Engaging Students: Reaching All Learners in Large Classes

YouTube Video Thumbnail  Engaging Students: Tapping into the Powers of Group Work

YouTube Video Thumbnail   Beyond the Bullet Points: Rethinking the Traditional Lecture (from WVU Celebrate 2019)

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