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For quick reference, a  listing of features/attributes per classroom is available. Please go to each  classroom page for room-specific detail.

To outline standards for instructional technology facilities at WVU, Teaching & Learning Commons and the Classroom Planning Committee have developed the following reference material for creating new or renovating existing facilities into technology classrooms. Continually refined over the years, this documentation is used to promote university-wide commonalities regarding interface and function, as well as equipment and installation techniques that have provided a good record of maintenance and& performance. These are updated often, based on acquired experience, on-going maintenance, and feedback from WVU administration, faculty, and staff.


Our Standard Classroom Design (new August 2023) document provides a baseline of what is needed and expected in terms of system functionality, its components, and the details necessary for a complete implementation. The resulting system includes a projection display and distributed speakers that are connected into a multimedia lectern installed with a computer, document camera, input panel for portable devices, as well as audiovisual signal routing & distribution equipment, all controlled through a touchpanel interface. There is Touch Panel Control Interface (update coming soon) documentation to detail the user's interaction with the control system, as well as documented Signal Flow, Wiring, and Installation Diagrams (new November 2023) to provide additional system detail.

Our Plug-N-Play Classroom Design can be implemented in classrooms, conference rooms, or other spaces. It consists of a display projector and audio speakers that connect to an input panel located by the front of the room. An HDMI cable and adapter ring are mounted there, along with a push-button control pad for system control.

Also available are Construction Rules of Thumb and Example Scope of Work for General Contractor Renovation documents, to provide additional information regarding new construction or renovations for technology classrooms.

Although we aren't able to personally provide installation and support services to all of WVU, we can provide guidance if you have a specific installation in mind. The facilities we directly support are centrally-managed/scheduled, defined as ‘General Purpose Classrooms’, and have been approved by the Provost’s Office.