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Wireless Teaching Pilot

This pilot project has completed. No requests for implementation into new facilities are being taken at this time.

WVU instructor in front of class solves chemistry problems on her iPad which is being wirelessly mirrored to the projection screen behind her.

Bring your own device. Forget the adapters. Just teach.

In collaboration with faculty members, we are currently pilot-testing Mersive Solstice in several classrooms. There is a software version (which can be installed on the classroom PC) or a hardware version (called a Solstice Pod, which connects directly to the projection system). Both versions allow multiple users to wirelessly connect and share to a display in the classroom. 


  • Wireless use of your own device means there is no need to load files to the classroom computer or to remember an adapter.
  • Freedom to move around the classroom makes it easier to interact with your students. When using a device with annotation features, you can add notes to your slides from anywhere in the classroom.
  • Students can share work with the class. Up to four simultaneous connections (any mixture of Windows, OSx, Apple iOS, and Android device) are possible, making it easier and quicker to switch between presenters. Moderator mode provides full control to the instructor.



We appreciate all volunteer instructors which helped to test and provide feedback on this product.  


  • Due to budget restraints, no new deployments or updates are being made for Fall 2023 at this time. 
  • Requests for Spring 2020 - Spring 2023 were implemented. Several instructors successfully utilzed the wireless teaching capabilities of classrooms throughout campus.
  • Fall 2019 - Locations from Summer were kept. The following locations have been requested:  AHB G6, AHB 115ARM 112, ARM 422,  BUE 244, CKH 312, LSB G15, MHH G20, and NRC 101 
  • Summer 2019 - Locations from Spring were kept. ARM 315 and LSB G11 were added.
  • Spring 2019 - Locations from Fall were kept, and  CKH 101 was added. NRC 101 was added mid-semester.
  • Fall 2018 - Solstice software was moved to BKH 202, CKH 312, EIE G24, and LSB G15.
  • Summer 2018 - Solstice software was initially installed at LSB G11, LSB G15, LSB G21, and WHI B51.
  • Hardware "Pod" versions are being tested at TLC Sandbox (EVL G1), Colson Annex (CLX 115), and Jackson Kelly Building (JKB 229, 301 & 301w).