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My Mediasite is a desktop-recorder extension of the Mediasite video platform. My Mediasite makes it a snap to create great looking videos, screencasts and slideshows, and share them to your eCampus course shell. You can record your desktop, your webcam, and upload your PowerPoint. You can also upload and host a video you made through other means. Mediasite is managed by WVU Libraries in order to provide a unified campus video library.

Where to Find It

We have a new cloud-hosted version of Mediasite available.

AttentionMediasite is available at

How to Use It

To be considerate of student internet connectivity concerns, we recommend making short videos of 10 minutes or less, if at all possible. One guideline to follow would be to only cover one topic per video.

For More InformationView our Mediasite webinar.

When you've completed your presentation, you will need to publish and "share" it to grab a link, to place in your eCampus shell for your students.

Attention! Low Connectivity Tip: Mediasite Desktop Recorder also allows you to make recordings that you can upload to Mediasite later when you have a stronger Internet connection.

Find Support

Mediasite is supported by WVU Libraries. Some requests may need to be escalated to vendor support.

For More InformationContact WVU Libraries.

More Information

So we don't disrupt other courses we will not be replacing the current on-premises integration into eCampus until summer.