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Sandbox Experimental Space

In this 16-24 seat TLC Sandbox Experimental Space located in room G01 of Evansdale Library, instructors may test active learning furniture, technology, and many other instructional tools. When the room is set up in its typical "Collaborative Standard" layout, two large LCD monitors are the room's primary displays, and a secondary LCD monitor is located at all of the four student groups (4-6 seats each). HDMI & Mini DisplayPort connections are available at each student group's monitor for mobile device connection. The instructor can route their device, a student group's device, or any of the installed technology (e.g. networked PC computer, streaming device) to the main displays, to all displays, or change monitor inputs individually as needed. Other resources here include personal/small-group whiteboards, mobile tables and chairs, and active sitting stools.

For more information, or to request use, please submit a TLC consultation request.

Problem Description Support Group Phone Number
Resource Information & Room Scheduling
(Access and Availability, Reservations, System Training, etc.)
Teaching and Learning Commons
Technical Equipment Problems
(PC, Control System, etc.)
Classroom Technology
Environmental Issues
(Temperature, Seating, Lighting, Cleanliness, etc.)
Facilities Management 304-293-HELP
Security Issues
(Disturbance, etc.)
WVU Police 304-293-COPS
Software Training Resources
(Using PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
ITS Training 304-293-4444