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Digital Upgrade Project

At the start of 2019, there were still 65 classrooms with only analog technology. HDMI and other digital signals were not able to be utilized. Thanks to funding from the Provost Office, we are working on a (initially) three year project to upgrade all TLC supported general purpose classrooms to digital.

Summer 2019: CTec staff upgraded 18 of our older classrooms to Digital HD. In coordination with Facilities, we were able to renovate and upgrade an additional 3 classrooms, as well as gain 2 more.

Fall 2019 through Feb 2020: An additional 6 classrooms were upgraded to HD or equipped with an HD bypass utilizing temporary cabling for a partial upgrade.

When the Pandemic hit in March 2020, access to campus and funding was limited for some time. By the end of 2021, CTec staff completed upgrades on 10 classrooms, as well as coordinated with Facilities to fully renovate 4 to Digital HD.

During 2022, 13 classrooms were fully updated to HD. One additional classroom was renovated and upgraded in conjunction with Facilities that summer.

In 2023, so far 4 classrooms have been fully upgraded to HD. Several more received new sit-down lecterns to enhance ADA compliance and reduce visual obstruction to the front of the room. Preparations are being made with Scheduling for more access to the rest of the analog classrooms next year.

For a timeline of HD-upgraded classrooms and planned upgrades, see our timeline document.