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Web Conference Ready Pilot

A prototype design to upgrade existing general purpose technology classrooms for integrated web conferencing has been in pilot-testing since Spring 2018. The design includes a ceiling-mounted pan-tilt-zoom USB camera and speaker-microphones connected to the lectern-installed computer. These devices can be used for any number of online conferencing services (GoToMeeting, Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.). The intent is to keep the design simple in order to be cost effective and conference-system agnostic.

This prototype design has been installed in the following classrooms:


Once you have logged into your web conferencing service, make sure HuddleCamHD camera is selected as your video device and Phnx-QuattroHub is set as your microphone device.

The camera's pan, tilt, and zoom control is operated through the touch panel by pressing the camera button:

Touch Panel Camera Button

Speed of the camera's movement can be made faster or slower, and camera presets are available.

Note: A sample page is shown below, but may be updated at any time during the pilot process.

AMX camera control page

As of March 17, camera presets are set to:

  1. Wide Instructor View
  2. Zoomed Instructor View
  3. Overall Class View (front)
  4. Overall Class View (back)