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Touchpanel Design Update

In Spring 2023, four classrooms ( NRC 101, 125, 127, and AER 135 ) were chosen as pilot locations for our new touchpanel control system user interface design. After months of accepting feedback, this new design is being implemented across campus into our supported classrooms. A short video is available to help you get familiar with the interface:

The update was programmed "in-house" based on customer input and incorporates a more intuitive feel and sleeker look compared to the old design. No functionality has been removed, but a new feature "Video Mute" has been added, allowing you to blank the projector output without turning off the equipment, allowing for easier chalk/white-board access, or hiding sensitive content during a class. To use this new feature, please select it on the left side of the interface. When it is engaged, the button will turn red and the projector will appear off. Besides the updated look, some pain points have been removed. This is particularly noticeable in a two projector room, where pressing the source, then display left and display right was removed in favor of a pop up which offers all options. Single projector classes will continue to function as before.

New instruction pages are available for the following equipment in updated rooms:

Downtown classrooms currently updated with new touchpanel design:

Evansdale classrooms currently updated with new touchpanel design: