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Digital Input Panel

The input panel is used to connect a laptop, auxiliary microphone, or other external source to the classroom projection system. When connecting devices, please test them prior to your classroom event. Depending on the connection type(s) needed for your device, you may have to supply cables or adapters. If you would like assistance, please schedule a testing session with Classroom Technology staff ahead of your event.

  1. Locate the touchpanel control screen on the multimedia lectern top.
Control System Touch Panel

The touchpanel controls which input cables/signal is shown through the projection system. If the screen is blank, press on it to clear the sleep screen.

  1. Locate the input panel box mounted in the multimedia lectern top.
Image of HD input panel closed with top lid in down position

The input panel allows physical connection of external sources.

  1. Open the input panel and determine the connections needed to attach your device.  
Image of HD panel open and showing power outlets, RCA Composite inputs, VGA cable with audio, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, and Microphone XLR cable         

The panel provides:

  • Power outlets
  • RCA-type jacks for composite video and left and right audio
  • VGA video cable with companion audio plug
  • HDMI cable for video sources
  • Ethernet cable for network connectivity
  • Microphone XLR cable to connect an external microphone
  1. Make the appropriate connections and select the source on the touchpanel.
Image of open lectern panel showing power outlets, ethernet cable, and VGA with audio cable         

Laptop Computer with VGA Port

Plug the VGA cable and attached audio cable into the laptop.

An optional Ethernet cable is available for wired Internet access.

Select the AUX VGA button on the touchpanel:

Touchpanel source button AUX VGA with a laptop icon

Note: Additional directions are available for configuring laptop computers on the Laptop Instruction Page.

Image of HD input panel with HDMI cable and Power outlets shown

HDMI Video Source

Plug the HDMI cable into the device and select the AUX HDMI button on the touchpanel:

Touchpanel source button Aux HDMI with a laptop icon

HD input panel with power and XLR microphone cable shown

Auxiliary Microphone with XLR Connection

Use the Microphone XLR plug. 

Audio level is controlled with the  Mic volume slider bar on the touchpanel:

Touchpanel audio control buttons with room volume, mic volume, and mute buttons

  Note: For classrooms with multiple displays...
Touchpanel projection selection buttons LEFT, BOTH, or RIGHT.

Project the device onto the left or right display screen by pressing the appropriate display button on the touchpanel.