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Start Class

The audio/visual instructional technology system in this classroom is operated by using the touch panel controller located on the top of the multimedia lectern.

Recommendation: Contact us to schedule a training session in advance of your event.

Image of Lectern

A. Go to the multimedia lectern to access the room’s technology equipment. 

Image of lit up AMX screen

B. Locate the touchpanel on the lectern top.

Image of dark AMX screen

C. If the screen is blank, it is in sleep mode. Press firmly on the touch panel surface. If the system had previously been shut down, a screen with a button to begin class will be seen. Press on this button.

Image of Startup Screen

D. The technology system will power on and begin to warm up. You will see the screens come down, the projectors power up, and the system status on the touchpanel.

Image of Operation Screen

E. After warm up, the touchpanel will display the main control screen and now you may select sources to be seen through the projector, use the microphones, and operate the rest of the equipment. For information on additional equipment, please see the classroom equipment instructions page.

Image of Projector Power Screen

F. If you want to turn off the projector while using other equipment in the multimedia lectern please see the projector shutdown instruction page.