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HD wide-angle webcams have been added to many CTEC classrooms. This camera provides the ability to stream or record where available. Spring 2021 classes scheduled in CTec-supported classrooms will have access to a webcam connected to the computer.

Department or College supported classrooms may not have a webcam installed. If you require a webcam elsewhere, some loaner webcams are available through the WVU Library.

Webcam sits on top of monitor

A. Locate the webcam on the lectern. It typically sits on top of the computer monitor.

HD web cam overview video title slide

B. To use the webcam, select it as a source in any compatible software (Mediasite recordings, Zoom live conferencing, etc.). A Webcam Overview video has been created to show its basic use and provide quick tips.

Webcam rear showing connection of cable

C. If the camera is not showing as a usable device, ensure that the USB cable is firmly connected in the rear of the device.

Webcam shown sitting on lectern top.

D. The camera is moveable, but limited in where it can be placed with a security cable. This allows the camera to be placed on the desktop of the lectern or turned to face the class if needed.

E. To adjust the field of view of the camera, slight adjustments to the tilt of the camera can be made, but due to the wide field of view of these cameras adjustment is usually not needed.

Webcam shown sitting on top of monitor.

F. Please return the camera to the top of the monitor at the end of your class.

Webcam Overview video is available to show its basic use and provide quick tips.