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Computer - Windows PC

The computer in the multimedia lectern has a built-in DVD drive and front USB ports. Please do not store any files long-term on this computer. Viruses and updates to this machine may require deletion of files. Always have a backup of any material essential for your class.

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Image of PC in Lectern

A. The PC is located inside the door of the multimedia lectern.

Image of PC with DVD Drive, Power Button, and USB Ports emphasized

B. Locate the PC and make sure its power is ON.

Image of Windows CTRL + ALT + DELETE screen

C. Hold down the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys on the keyboard to log onto the PC.

Image of User Name & Password prompts

D. You will need to enter your WVU Login to access the PC. Help with Login is available through the WVU Login website.

Image of AMX touch panel

E. Locate the touchpanel on the lectern top. If the screen is totally black, press on it to clear the sleep screen. You will use this to turn the system ON, if need be, and to route the PC computer to the projector.

Image of PC button on touch panel

F. Select the PC for projection by pressing the PC button in the left portion of the touch panel.

In a single projector classroom, the PC image will be displayed on the projection screen.

Image of PC 1 and PC 2 buttons
Image of Projector Left and Right Display buttons

G. For classrooms with two projectors:

1 . Select PC1 to display the main PC image, or select PC2 to display the extended desktop.

2 . Project the selected image onto the left or right projection screen by pressing the appropriate display button in the lower-center portion of the touch panel.

Image of Volume control

H. If you are using digitized audio/video clips or streaming A/V, adjust the volume using the touch panel’s “Room” volume slider control.

Image of Mute button

I. You may mute the volume by pressing the speaker button below the slider bar.

J. IMPORTANT: If, after completing these steps, the audio isn’t heard, check to make sure that the volume on the PC itself has not been muted or turned down. Double (left) click on the speaker icon in the lower right portion of the PC’s desktop and adjust.

Image of lectern keyboard

K. Control the PC using the mouse and keyboard located on the keyboard tray.

Image of Logitech remote

L. A Logitech Presenter is available in each classroom. This presenter will advance PowerPoint slides and also functions as a laser pointer.

Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge
Microsoft Teams
Mediasite Catch
Desktop Media Viewer
Windows Camera
Sophos Anti-Virus

  • Desktop isn't appearing the same on the monitor as on the projector?
    • On the keyboard, press and hold the 'Windows' button, then press 'P'. This brings up the projection menu. In classrooms with only 1 projection display, select "Duplicate". In dual-projection or multi-display classrooms, select "Extend".
  • No sound from the computer, even though touch panel control volume is up.
    • Check to make sure that the volume on the PC itself has not been muted or turned down by double (left) clicking on the speaker icon in the lower right portion of the PC screen and increase the volume.
    • If still no audio, click on the speaker icon on the PC again, then click the expand menu arrow. Playback device should be set to AMX.