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Wireless Presenter Remote

Rotating images of a Logitech wireless remote from multiple angles

A. The "Logitech" wireless presenter remote can be used to advance PowerPoint slides and also functions as a laser pointer.

B. To use the presenter remote, make sure the power switch is turned ON. 

Please turn OFF the presenter after use to extend the battery life.

C. The battery indicator will glow green when the presenter is on, and red when battery power is low.

D. The laser pointer can be used in conjunction with the slideshow buttons.

E. Click on the "start slideshow" button to start a full-screen presentation from within PowerPoint. Clicking this button again will close the presentation and return to PowerPoint.

F. Use the right arrow button to advance your PowerPoint presentation foward. The left arrow button allows you to go back to earlier slides.

G. The "blank projection screen" button will fill the screen with a blank black page. Press again to display the slide presentation.

H.The Logitech Presenter uses two AAA batteries. Spare batteries can be found in the drawer inside the lectern. Batteries are checked once per week during regular room checks.