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Touch-Enabled PC Monitor

The former pen-annotation monitors have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer supported. Monitors in all supported classrooms have been replaced by new touch-enabled computer monitors (with the exception of Woodburn 116, due to constraints with Apple OS).

Annotation on the new monitors is available by using Microsoft Ink with your finger (or a soft-tipped stylus) giving you direct control over your classroom session. Whether you use Powerpoint, Word, or just want to draw over your Microsoft Edge web browser, the new multi-touch monitor can facilitate that.

The lectern-installed PC computers in all our supported classrooms have been upgraded to Windows 10, with the exception of Woodburn 116 (due to constraints with dual-boot with Apple OS) and a few other classrooms (which will all be replaced before August 15).

Please see the following resources for more information on Windows 10 and Windows Ink: