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Lighting Control

NOTE: These are general instructions for lighting control in most classrooms.

Control System Touch Panel

A. Locate the touchpanel on the multimedia lectern top. If the screen is blank, press on it to clear the sleep screen.

Touchpanel Lights select button with lightbulb icon

B. Find and press the Lights button.

Touchpanel Light Controls page with preset buttons, all on, and all off

C. Lighting presets will appear on the touchpanel, as well as buttons to turn all lights off or to their maximum setting.

Most classrooms also have a light control switch mounted to the wall, usually near the lectern.

Wall-mounted white 5-button lighting system control pad

D. In classrooms with this 5-button wall-mount light switch:

Press the top  of the left-side "rocker" button to turn all lights on full. Press the bottom of the left-side rocker button to turn lights off. 

Dimming Presets can be activated using one of the right-side buttons.

Some additional adjustment is available by activating the dimming preset of your choice, then press-and-hold the bottom of the left-side rocker button to dim lights even further.

  • These are prominent in Hodges Hall classrooms.

Image of lighting panel

E. In classrooms with this 7-button wall-mount light switch:

Functions include full ON, OFF, presets A through D, and an up/down rocker switch to dim lights even further.

  • Prominent in smaller rooms like Woodburn Hall classrooms.

Image of light switch for newer rooms

F. In classrooms with this 5-button wall-mount panel:

The lights can also be controlled by using the buttons on the white control panel in the room. Functions include on, several presets, off, and up/down controls for dimming adjustment.

  • Prominent in Oglebay Hall classrooms and several auditoriums across campus.

Bank of 3 light switches (on/off) above a bank of 4 light switches (on/off)

G. In classrooms with basic on/off switches:

Rows of lighting fixtures in the room are wired into these light switches, so flipping one switch will control multiple fixtures within area(s) of the classroom.

  • Prominent in Brooks Hall G25, 125, 151, 225, and 302 classrooms.