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Boundary Mic

Rooms equipped with a boundary microphone have it located on top of the lectern. This relatively flat profile mic is useful in picking up instructors moving behind and beside the lectern, but not wear a wireless mic. The volume level can be adjusted on the touchpanel.

Image of boundary mic on lectern

A. Locate the wired boundary microphone on the lectern top.

Make sure it is free from obstructions and speak toward its general vincinity.

Control System Touch Panel

B. To adjust the microphone volume, locate the touchpanel on the lectern top. If the screen is blank, press on it to clear the sleep screen. If the system isn't already turned on, press anywhere to start class.

Touchpanel audio control buttons with room volume, mic volume, and mute buttons

C. Control the microphone volume level with the touchpanel “Mic” volume controls. You may mute the microphone volume by pressing the mic Mute button.