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HD Document Camera

The document camera is an imaging device for producing live images of objects. Objects can be 2-dimensional (printed documents, photos, books, etc.) or 3-dimensional (flowers, mechanical instruments, sculptures, electronic components, etc.).

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HD Document Camera

A. The HD document camera is located on the top of the multimedia lectern.

HD Document Camera's Head
HD Document Camera's Display Surface

B. Adjust the camera head if needed so that it is aiming directly downward onto the display area. The camera head can be moved vertically or horizontally to get a close-up view of the document or item being displayed.

Touch Panel Control

C. Locate the touchpanel on the multimedia lectern.

Touch Panel's Document Camera Button

D. Select the HD document camera for projection by pressing the “Document Camera” button in the left column of the touch panel.

Touch Panel's display buttons

E. For classrooms with two or more projectors, project the HD document camera onto the left or right screen by pressing the "Display Left" or "Display Right" button in the center portion of the touch panel.

HD Document Camera's Lamp

F. The document camera features an auxiliary lamp that can be adjusted to eliminate glare and shadows.

Touch Panel's Document Camera Lamp Power Button

G. To toggle the lamp off and on, press the "Lamp" button on the touch panel.

HD Document Camera's Focus Button

H. If auto-focus is insufficient, press the "Focus" button on either side of the camera head.

Touch Panel's Document Camera Auto Tune Button

I. The HD document camera image can also be fine-tuned by pressing the "auto-tune" button on the touch panel.

HD Document Camera's Base

J. Zoom, lamp, and auto-tune controls are also available on the control pad located on the base of the HD document camera.

Windows Camera App icon

K. To show the document camera on the PC for live streaming or for recording its use during class, please use the PC's Camera app. A video tutorial is available.