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Standard Definition Document Camera

The document camera is an imaging device for producing live images of objects. Objects can be 2-dimensional (printed documents, photos, books, etc.) or 3-dimensional (flowers, mechanical instruments, sculptures, electronic components, etc.).

Image of SD Document Camera

A. The document camera is located on the top of the multimedia lectern.

Image of folder SD Document Camera

B1. If the unit is in its collapsed position (folded)…

Image of unfolding SD Document Camera

B2. …then straighten the neck by gently pushing the blue-green tab away from you.

Image of adjusting camera head.

C. Adjust the head (camera) if needed so that it is aiming directly downward onto the document camera’s base.

Image of AMX touch panel

D. Locate the touchpanel on the lectern top.

Image of Doc Cam button

E. Select the Document Camera for projection by pressing the “Doc Cam” button in the left portion of the touch panel.

Image of Display Left & Display Right buttons

F. For classrooms with two projectors, project the DocCam onto the left or right screen by pressing the appropriate display button in the lower portion of the touch panel.

Image of Zoom In and Zoom out buttons

G. Use the ZOOM controls on the touch panel or on the buttons on the camera’s head to adjust the size of the image on the screen.

Image of Focus In and Focus Out buttons

H. The document camera should automatically focus on your document when the “Auto Focus” button has been pressed. But if needed, use the focus controls to make minor adjustments.