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The DVD is played through the lectern computer’s DVD-drive.

Image of PC system unit

A. Power on and project the computer by following the directions on the Windows PC Instruction Page.

Image of Eject button on DVD drive

B. Locate the DVD drive on the front of the PC and press the eject button.

Image of DVD insertion

C. Carefully place your DVD inside the drive and press the button again to close the drive.

Image of DVD software player screen

D. After a few moments, the PC will identify the disc you inserted and start the software player. The computer must read the disc first, so please be patient.

Image of computer keyboard and mouse

E. Use the PC’s mouse to control the software player (Play, Fast-forward, Menu, etc).

Image of DVD volume adjustment screen

F. Adjust the volume first by using the DVD software’s volume controls.

Touchpanel audio control buttons with room volume, mic volume, and mute buttons

G. Then if more volume is needed, adjust the volume by using the touchpanel “Room” volume controls.

  • Problems recognizing or playing your DVD?
    • If the player software isn't "VLC Media Player", exit your player and find VideoLAN (VLC Media Player) in the Windows program menu.
  • Sound problems or PC image issues?